There’s a new depression treatment in Palm Beach County that’s gaining traction as a wonder drug for depression — and that’s ketamine infusion therapy. According to its advocates, medically administered ketamine infusions have the potential to revolutionize the way doctors treat depression — and give people struggling with depression unprecedented relief from their symptoms.

For people struggling with depression, treatment is crucial. Unfortunately, traditional treatments don’t work for everyone; about 30% of people with depression don’t respond to traditional pharmaceutical treatment, and even for people who do respond, antidepressants can take up to eight weeks to take effect — which, when you’re struggling with depression, can feel like a lifetime.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, more than 16 million American adults struggle with major depressive disorder. And, for many, depression can be debilitating; depression is the leading cause of disability for Americans between the ages of 15 and 44, costing the US economy a whopping $210 billion per year in lost productivity and missed days of work.

Here at Allay we believe ketamine infusion therapy plus the use psychotherapy will help in the healing process. Take back control so that you can focus on the things that matter in life.

Ketamine therapy as a depression treatment in Palm Beach County 

Ketamine is the medication used for anesthesia. It delivers pain relief and sedates a person, while generally maintaining the normal functions of the heart and lungs.

Several studies have proven that ketamine can be an effective and rapid-acting medication for depression and thus may have therapeutic potential, according to the Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics journal. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved Spravato – a nasal spray with Esketamine as its main ingredient – as antidepressant medication.

Over 300 million people globally are estimated to be affected by depression, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Around 800,000 people die by suicide every year because of this mental health disease and it is the leading cause of death among young adults.

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Recent Developments

In February 2019, media began reporting on a promising new treatment for depression.  Esketamine has been used as a potent anesthetic in Germany since 1997, and since then has been investigated for its fast-acting antidepressant effects.

In 2017, phase III clinical trials for treatment resistant depression were completed in the United States, and the drug was approved for treatment of depression in adult patients on March 5th, 2019.  The medication is administered as a nasal spray in a clinical setting, in which patients must remain present for 2 hours following the administration.

Ketamine as Depression Treatment – How Does is Work? 

With depression regarded as a life-threatening condition, the medical industry sees the approval of Spravato as a treatment option a win. But, how does this drug work in relieving the symptoms of depression?

The Eskatamine (Spravato) nasal spray is only one type of ketamine infusion therapy. The other type is racemic ketamine, which is more commonly found in the operating room as an anesthetic and is given intravenously. The FDA has yet to approve this second type for treating depression as further research is still being undertaken for its potency, effectiveness and side effects.

Most antidepressants require a few weeks of use before the patient feels the effects as it builds up in the system. Ketamine, however, takes effect as it leaves the body, so there are no build-ups and the body’s and brain’s response is immediate.

Ketamine is believed to work by blocking the brain’s NMDA receptors and increasing the amount of glutamate, which activates the AMDA receptors. This chemical reaction forms new pathways in the brain that supposedly alters a person’s mood and cognition.

Another study, published in the journal Molecular Theory determined ketamine’s effects on the G proteins in the brain. These molecules are contained in lipid rafts that are shuffled after using ketamine. Apparently, shuffled G proteins allows the brain’s receptors to communicate better, which experts determine was how ketamine could alleviate the symptoms of depression.

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