Titan Tragedy: 3 Ways to Find New Hope in Your Life

 June 25


Titan Tragedy: 3 Ways to Find New Hope in Your Life


 The Titan submersible incident was a horrible tragedy.  Sadly, social media has witnessed a substantial influx of indifferent and derogatory posts. Posts that seem to be apathetic and devoid of any empathy or compassion. 

Why do good people make horrible jokes about tragic events?

This is an aspect of compassion fatigue. And the significance of it if proof of our dependence, possibly addiction, to social media. Depression is sometimes a driver of compassion fatigue.

What is Compassion Fatigue?

  • Compassion fatigue occurs when individuals experience emotional exhaustion, detachment, and a loss of idealism. People affected by compassion fatigue may feel burned out, cynical, and hopeless. Additionally, they may struggle with sleep, concentration, and decision-making.

The Impact of Depression on Compassion Fatigue:

Depression is a mental health condition characterized by ongoing feelings of sadness and hopelessness. People who are already dealing with depression are at greater risk of compassion fatigue.

They may become more susceptible to feeling emotionally exhausted and detached when they encounter distressing news and tragic events. Constant exposure to distressing content on social media can make their compassion fatigue even more intense.

Our digital dependence is driving a desperate depression.

Compassion Fatigue and Social Media:

Social media platforms have become vital channels for expressing support and empathy during times of tragedy. However, the constant exposure to distressing news can lead to compassion fatigue, where individuals feel emotionally drained and detached.

When faced with numerous tragic stories on social media, some users may feel overwhelmed and resort to toxic behaviors. This can sometimes lead to the use of apathetic jokes as a poor coping mechanism. These apathetic jokes increase negative emotion in the online community.

3 Ways to Ascend from Depression:

  1. Self Care and Self Acceptance
  2. Community and Empathy
  3. Cutting Edge Treatments

The Importance of Self-Care:

It is vital for individuals who are dealing with both depression and compassion fatigue to engage in self-care practices. This can include therapy, medication, and seeking professional support. Emphasizing self-care is essential as it can help manage symptoms of depression and being a positive impact in the community.

Self Care for Depression

We need to transition to valuing self-care, building compassion, and fostering a supportive community; both online and around us.

Building Compassion and Community:

Understanding the relationship between depression and compassion fatigue is important. It can foster a deeper sense of compassion and empathy within online communities. By "naming it to tame it", we can approach discussions with increased sensitivity and empathy.

Talking kindly, giving help, and offering mental health resources can build a caring community that supports people in tough times.

Promoting Mental Health Awareness:

Promoting mental health awareness is important in order to reduce compassion fatigue driven by depression. Talking openly about mental health is important for creating empathy and compassion. We must fight against negative beliefs about depression. Providing support for getting help is also essential.

Social media can help with mental health by promoting initiatives, providing helplines, and having supportive guidelines.

Treating Depression:

Ketamine is offering new hope for those suffering from depression. In one study, people who received ketamine infusions showed a significant improvements within hours of treatment. This improvement lasted for several days. Some people continued to experience relief from their symptoms for several weeks.


Depression can increase compassion fatigue experienced on social media, particularly in the aftermath of tragic events like the Titan submersible tragedy. When people are taking better care of themselves they are more resilient to compassion fatigue and depression.

Building compassion and community requires understanding and supporting those who are struggling with both compassion fatigue and depression.

We can create a kinder online space where people can get help and feel better when they're struggling emotionally.

We need to lead by example for our fellow humans. Depression is a driver of compassion fatigue, and here at Allay we are training the brain to heal from desperate depression. 

Reviewed by Roland Verfaillie, Ph.D.

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