Treatment for Cancer Patients in Florida

Many people are reluctant to talk about cancer because of the sensitivity around both feeling sad or guilty. However, those who suffer from pain caused by it need this topic discussed even more than others - an article in Journal Of The Advanced Practitioner Oncology says "89% percent have chronic aches and pains".

Ketamine infusion therapy has been used in the treatment of patients with chronic pain of diverse etiologies, including chronic cancer pain. Its mechanism of action in this setting is thought to be through decreasing or eliminating central sensitization. Activation of NMDA-R pain receptors is thought to lead to central sensitization, which could in turn be associated with more intense pain or more persistent pain or both, independent of any tissue injury. Central sensitization includes increased membrane excitability, increased synaptic efficacy, and reduced inhibition of the dorsal horn neurons of the spinal cord, largely though not exclusively via removal of a Mg2+ voltage-dependent blockade on the NMDA-R. These effects are short-term but can become lasting in the presence of peripheral inflammation and nerve injury.

Being that ketamine is also used in helping with depression and anxiety it has the potential to help with a multitude of issues relating to those battling cancer. Here at Allay we treat the mind, body, and soul this way.

“The body is a self-healing organism, so it’s really about clearing things out of the way so the body can heal itself.”